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 These special limited-time edition Jason Pitts t-shirts were on sale before and during the Fowler Museum concert in May 2012.  That means they're considered vintage now, of course.  You can purchase these in the online store directly below these two wonderful photos of the shirt.  I designed them myself! 




Limited Edition FAKE TOUR 2012 T-Shirts

Limited Edition FAKE TOUR 2012 T-Shirts


These are limited edition CANCELED TOUR 2012 T-Shirts, which have a cool design on the front and a list of canceled dates on the back.  

If you don't get the joke, it's because I've never done a national tour!  The one date that wasn't "canceled" is the Los Angeles date, when I performed on UCLA's campus at the Fowler Museum.  Buy one of these shirts and you'll feel like you're in the in-crowd.

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